Students in Germany need to be insured as an obligatory prerequisite for their enrolment at the university. They even need to show a special document at the university. For many of the young persons this is the age when they first start to think about insurance and similar topics. Therefore, appear many questions like which insurance is the better one or what to keep in mind. But also later at the end of one’s studies or when starting a second program questions about insurance can appear. Here are some answers to important questions.

Compulsory or private insurance?

Students can choose either the compulsory or the private insurance. The compulsory one has cheaper fees and seems to be more interesting for students at a first glimpse. To get an insight a student without children till the age of 23 pays 64,77 € for the compulsory insurance and for the private one till the age of 24 you pay 87,30 €. There can be some special rules in each case.

Those knowing from the beginning that they want to be a part of the private insurance later (e.g. often physicians or law students), can consider if it is worth getting into the private insurance during their studies. Often there are special student scales and the risk of pre insurances or age diseases is very low. It is therefore possible to get into the insurance with cheap conditions. After finishing the studies there is the advantage of being in the system for some time and you do not have to pay high fees.

To get insured in the private insurance one has to apply for a release from the compulsory insurance. This has to be done quickly because it is only possible in the first three months of studying, after that it is valid for the whole studying time.

Family Insurance

Many teenagers and young adolescents are co-insured in a family insurance with their parents. They do not pay fees in the family insurance. It is possible to stay in this co-insurance during the studies, but only till the age of 25. Those who have been in this insurance during their apprenticeship or in school, stay automatically in this insurance during the time at university. This rule is for the compulsory insurance. It is also forbidden to earn more than 450 Euros per month.

In case the parents are insured in a private insurance it is also possible to be in a co-insurance. This is possible till the age of 28 and you can earn up to 640 Euros.

Own Students Insurance

There are also students who pay the fees for their insurance on their own and are not in a co-insurance with their parents. For those there are special student offers that are cheaper than the normal ones. The can be taken till the age of 30 or for 14 terms at university after these borders there are higher fees to pay. In some cases the student offer can be enlarged for example when pregnant and having a child, when having long disease or if working at a board at university.

If getting “Bafög” to finance one’s studies you also get extra money for the insurance. The amount is 73 € per month and is a fix amount that does not depend on private or compulsory insurance. To get this financial help you have to apply for it separately.

Additional Amount

The health insurance companies for the compulsory insurance are allowed to charge an additional amount called “Zusatzbeitrag” in German. This amount has also be paid by students. If being in a family insurance you do not pay this additional amount.

Staying abroad

If studying abroad or doing an internship in a foreign country during the studies one does need to consider the topic insurance again. If the stay is outside the European Union it is normally necessary to have an additional insurance called “Auslandskrankenversicherung” in Germany.

Foreign students in Germany

If studying in Germany as a foreign student t is also necessary to have an insurance to get enrolled at a German University. There are different types of insurances that fit for this situation. You should consider all of the options before coming to Germany.