If you want to immigrate permanent to Germany and apply for a residence permit, you need to take out German insurance. Without sufficient insurance protection you won’t get a visa. To immigrate to Germany you therefore have to consider the topic insurance in Germany. First of all it is important to know the basics of the German Health System.

In Germany there are two different types of insurance – the compulsory one and the private insurance. The compulsory insurance is offered for the whole German population and shall give a broad protection. It follows a solidary principle and is calculated from the income of the insured person. The monthly fees are therefore depending on the income of the insured person. One part of the fee is paid by the employer and the other part by the employed person. For some groups this kind of calculation is not profitable and they are also able to get a private insurance.

Self-employed, clerks and persons with high income are building this group. To get a private insurance you need to implement some prerequisites and you need to get out of the compulsory health insurance. The fee for the private insurance is calculated depending on age and health status of the insured person. The benefits can be chosen individually but the fee is normally higher than in the compulsory health insurance.

Those being self-employed or crossing the income border with earning more than 4.350 Euro per month if coming to Germany, can get a private insurance. It is possible though that the insurance company requests a certain time of residence in Germany you need to fulfill. Otherwise you have to take a contract over a long period of time. Before entering the private insurance you need to get out of the compulsory one. For this there is a special application form, which has to be accepted and which checks if you fulfill all the prerequisites.

It isn’t always just these two possibilities. Depending on the country you come from there can be more regulations and rules. If you are coming from a country, which is member of the European Union and wanting to immigrate to Germany you need to keep some things in mind. Because of the right of freedom of movement inside the European Union it is allowed as EU-citizen to live in every member country. With so called social insurance conducts the insurance between the countries is arranged. If you come to Germany your old insurance is still valid, you only need to have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

The problem that occurs is that this insurance does not cover all benefits but is only made for emergencies. If you want to stay in Germany in the long term and have found work here you should take out a German insurance. If you do this the normal rules for choosing private or compulsory insurance take place.

If you are from a country, which is no member of the European Union you need to proof health insurance when applying for a visa. If there is no conduct with Germany it is necessary to take out an additional health insurance. This insurance can either be a German one or you take an international health insurance until you find a good one in Germany. When arrived in Germany and found a job you can compare the different providers assiduously and find the suitable protection.

There are more special regulations for asylum seekers in Germany. During the course of asylum procedure these persons will get a special status. Therefore you are able to become part of the compulsory health insurance but with some limitations.

The basic thing with the German health insurance is that it is obligatory if wanting to immigrate to Germany. So it is very important to consider this topic if wanting to immigrate.