The German Health Care System has some important points to consider. First, it is obligatory to be insured when living, working or studying in Germany – except from some work or population groups. Second, the German system is a so called dual system containing a compulsory insurance and a private insurance. Both types of insurances have their pros and cons and there are some rules what persons can take the one or the other insurance.

German Health Care SystemThe insurances in Germany and mainly the compulsory one are based on a concept of a welfare state. This concept says that all Germans pay money into the system. Those becoming sick or having an accident receive money from the system for their healing. Not every person gets all of the money back he or she has paid in. If you do not get sick you can’t receive money from the insurance. But the system says that everybody has to pay for those needing the help.

Most people in Germany are in the compulsory insurance. The money you have to pay for this type is figured by the financial income of the person. The more you earn, the more you will pay for insurance. Those earning less or no money have the chance to be insured for small amounts.

It’s different with the private insurance. For this insurance you pay an amount depending on your age and health. If you get older you will pay more and also if you have been sick before. Work groups like officials, self-employed and people earning more than 52.200 Euro per year for a longer period are insured in the private insurance.

Even though the German Health Care System is among the best in the world, one should think of some things when choosing an insurance or changing the provider.

  • One can save a lot of money by comparing the different providers and their price. Not every provider offers good conditions and good price. It can be worth to get as much information as possible and compare the offers.
  • It is not always the best way to choose the cheapest provider. Just looking at the price can lead to problems when you need the help of the insurance. Some cheap offers do not cover all kinds of help or you have to pay large parts by yourself. Better look closely and pay a small amount more than having huge depths later.
  • A good price-benefit relation, good customer’s service, the possibility to be insured abroad and special offers are criteria for a good insurance provider.
  • When friends or family advise you to take a certain insurance it is important to look, if they have the same prerequisites. Otherwise the insurance might not be as good for you as for them.
  • If having to choose between compulsory and private insurance there are even more questions to answer. How high is the price for the private insurance? Do you want to have a full service private insurance or just some parts? Etc.
  • Children and teenagers doing their education as well as student can be insured with their parents, as long as they do not earn more than 400 Euro per month. This can be a cheaper solution for families.

The topic insurance and health insurance is very important. Not only because it is obligatory in Germany but as well for your own safety one should always be insured broadly.